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An exemplary hunting day (dry season 2019)

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An expemplary hunting day (rain season 2020)

A small team comprising Jan Tsumib, Kaarina Efraim and Tilman Lenssen-Erz set out this day to explore a longitudinal plateau in the higher areas of the sandstone mountains extending westwards from Twyfelfontein. This aimed at understanding whether there is a notable difference in wildlife between the plains and the upper plateau.
The photographic record of this day shown here is based on the pictures made by a GoPro camera that was fixed on the hat of Jan Tsumib, the hunter. By default this camera took a shot every ten seconds, which is the general way in which we record our moves during the hunting bouts. They allow to assess the terrain that is being negotiated at any one point of the trip. 
Obviously here we only show a small selection of the photographs shot during this day.